A huge amount of care and attention is put into all of our products to not only ensure they look fantastic but to make sure they are 100% safe.

All our teething toys that we make are tested prior to production and are made to European safety standard EN71 (Parts 1,2 & 3) which are then safety tested by a SGS approved accredited independent test house. Our new dummy clips are tested to meet EU regulations BSEN 12586:2007

  • Everything is made free of nasty chemicals,
  • Free from BPA, PVC and phthalates.
  • No lead, cadmium or heavy metals.
  • Hygienic, hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria.

All our beads are made to European safety standard EN71 (Parts 1,2 & 3) and our necklaces come with a breakaway safety clasp and the cords are strength tested. These reassuring features mean the clasp will release if pulled and the cord will not break under pressure ensuring that the small beads will not detach.

Silicone Necklaces are not a toy and are not designed for children under the age of three. We want to remind our customers that our necklaces are intended to be worn only by parents to ensure the utmost safety of your child. Never leave your child unattended with the necklaces to prevent the risk of chocking or strangulation.

The safety of our products is one of our top priorities and something that we take extremely seriously and we request all of our customers follow these guidelines.

Further product information and guidelines can be found on the relevant product page.